Building emotional health and resilience

Face-to-face sessions in Double Bay or telehealth service available

I’m Dr Anna McKinnon, a Sydney Psychologist who specialises in the treatment of anxiety disorders and adjustment following traumatic events. I empower children and adults to improve their emotional health, deal with challenges and make other positive changes in their lives.


The building blocks


I treat all clients with kindness and respect. I show understanding and a strong desire to simply help.


I only adopt therapeutic approaches based on the best available research evidence.


I guide and encourage clients to develop confidence, change their ways of coping, and develop their strengths.


Telehealth Psychology Services in Sydney during COVID-19

Throughout this difficult time, I am here to support children, parents and adults in Sydney and surrounding areas via tele-health sessions (carried out using Zoom).

Some clients are eligible for bulk-billed telehealth session if you fit the criteria set out by Medicare and your GP provides you with a valid Mental Health Care Plan.

How I can help you

From rooms in Double Bay, I treat children, teenagers, parents and adults in these areas:


Are you regularly avoiding everyday things due to fear and worry? On high alert for danger? Feeling overwhelmed by activities or situations?


Are you persistently sad? Struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Unable to enjoy things in your everyday life? Feeling hopeless about the future?

Emotional regulation and anger issues

Are you emotionally overwhelmed? Regretting things said or done? Unable to keep your emotions in check? Reacting uncontrollably to situations?

Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Are you troubled by vivid flashbacks or memories of a trauma? Having nightmares? Continuously reminded of trauma by things in the environment? Angry? On edge? Constantly on the lookout for bad things to happen?

Guiding children, young people and their families

Throughout the course of my work, I have connected with hundreds of children, young people, and their families to build emotional health and wellbeing. I have authored articles, workshops, and book chapters in this area.


Choosing a psychologist

Finding a psychologist who specialises in the conditions relevant to your situation is the first step in choosing the right psychologist for you.

To ensure I’m a good match for you, it’s important that my experience and approach fits well with your expectations, preferences and personality.

My experience

My career has taken me all over the world. I have extensive experience working as a clinical psychologist in leading clinics and laboratories at the University of Cambridge (UK) and within Australian universities.

This practical experience is backed up with solid academic credentials. I completed my PhD in South Australia and conduct university lectures in psychology. I’ve also published numerous articles in academic journals.

My approach

As a clinical psychologist, my ultimate aim is to help you fulfil your potential.

My approach is gentle, compassionate and change-oriented. I work closely with you to understand what makes you think, feel and act the way you do.

I’ll guide you to develop strategies that strengthen your emotional health. We’ll work on these during sessions and I’ll ask you to put these into practice between sessions.

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Answering your questions

Even after choosing a psychologist, many people still have questions. I’ve answered some commonly asked questions for:

Ready to take a step forward?

If you’d like to make an appointment or ask a question, please get in touch by filling out the form below or phoning on 0435 950 320.